Pioneer DJ DJM-A9


4-channel DJ Mixer with Per-channel 3-band EQ
Per-channel Multimode Filters
ESS Technology A/D Converter, Magvel Fader Crossfader
MIDI Connectivity, Onboard FX
X-Pad, 2 x USB-B, 2 x USB-C
Multi-device Support
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
2 Microphone Inputs
2 Headphone Outputs and Lockable PSU

Four Channels, Exponential Creative Opportunities

Ideas surrounding DJs, music making, performance, and showmanship have gradually blurred throughout the new millennium. This haze has led us to a complicated catch-22, wherein there’s more room than ever for newcomers, but it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out. Fortunately, Pioneer DJ has crafted a masterclass in DJ-based performance that expertly blends basic needs with
Four Channels, Exponential Creative Opportunities
innovative new tools and flexible connectivity options: the DJM-A9. This 4-channel DJ mixer features a suite of diverse tools tailored to accommodate a slew of distinctive DJ approaches and take the craft into new territory with the convenience of its comprehensive design. Whether it’s the dedicated FX lanes for both beat and sound color, the innovative interactivity of the X-Pad, or the mmultilayeredconnectivity that allows for the simultaneous use of two concurrent devices, DJs at Sweetwater agree that the DJM-A9 is a masterful step forward.



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