Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10


4 total decks mean comprehensive beat-juggling, scratching, and sample-based performance
16 performance pads comprise 8 on each side, with a total of 8 pad-based performance modes for sampling, Hot Cues, pad FX, keyboard modes, and more
Dual USB-C ports accommodate the simultaneous operation of 2 computers for streamlined, back-to-back shows
Onboard rekordbox and Serato compatibility mean seamless switching between the concurrent operation of both programs on connected devices
Part separation is made possible with rekordbox 6.7, allowing for real-time separation and management of drums, vocals, and instrumentals with any conventional audio file
Parts are color-coded to provide additional visual feedback via jog wheels and part FX
FX Part Selection lets you apply and manage beat FX on individual parts of a track

Part Isolation turns a deck’s 3-band EQ into a volume adjustment for each of the 3 separated parts
Mix Point Link allows for hands-free transitions to focus on creative mixing
Dedicated DMX output accommodates up to 512 DMX channels, managed with rekordbox Lighting Mode
rekordbox Phrase Analysis intelligently analyzes tracks to assign and design a light show to match the hype profile of any track
Vivid in-platter displays provide track information, stacked waveform views, album artwork, and a customizable logo mode, all freely toggled at any time
Channels 3 and 4 accommodate phono modes for use with traditional turntables
New beat loop mode has a dedicated 4-bar loop button, as well as division and duplication buttons

Real-time stem separation and control
Coinciding with the release of the DDJ-FLX10 is the rekordbox 6.7, the latest iteration of the program that introduces a previously unavailable tool that makes any standard audio track a viable candidate for deep manipulation and remixing. Real-time part separation can divide a track into three RGB color-coded parts: blue for drums; green for vocals; and red for instruments. These can be individually toggled at any time, and volume and FX can be attenuated and applied to each part, all in real time. This functionality means you could wash the drums with reverb as the track plays, or slowly work the instrumentation and vocals up into the mix as you transition between tracks, all but eliminating the conventional harmonic boundaries imposed by different key signatures. What’s more, the platters will illuminate with the corresponding color to the parts that are being manipulated and display in white when all parts are active.

Dimension (L x W x H) 10 x 20 x 30 Inch
Weight 0


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